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St. Paul's News

Good news! St. Paul’s UCC Breaking Bread in St. Marys will begin serving meals again on Thursday, September 10th! Our serving time has changed. We now serve meals from 4:30 to 5:15pm (unless food is all gone before this). Grab and Go from your car only. Looking forward to providing delicious free meals to our community.


Sunday, September 20th is RALLY SUNDAY!    I appreciate your interest in our young people, and the growth of our church family.  For attendance at Sunday school, we will be taking the temperature of the children at the Sunday school entrance. Parents, please wait while we check your child’s temperature. Individual pencil boxes with supplies will be issued so that there is no sharing of items.  The mask rules will apply according to the rules of our local schools (No one under the age of 5 has to wear a mask). Cleaning measures will be taken before and after Sunday school. We appreciate everyone’s cooperation.


Sunday School Supplies needed, please help, if you can.

Narrow paint brushes

Glue sticks

Drawing pads

Colored pencils

Pencil boxes


Colored molding clay

Colored construction paper

Small spray bottles


Thank you,

Mary Holtzapple, Christian Education and Nurture Coordinator



Christian Ed Meeting scheduled for Tuesday, September 8th, 6:30 pm in Fellowship Hall.

Thank you,


Mary Holtzapple, Christian Education and Nurture Coordinator


June 12, 2020

Greetings to our St. Paul’s UCC Family in Christ,

First of all, I want to say how much I’ve missed you since the world came to an abrupt halt in March. While we have remained connected through our Mid Day and Sunday online Connections, it has not been the same experience as seeing your smiling faces in person.

I also want to thank you for your faithful and generous financial support of the missions and ministries of St. Paul’s during this difficult time.  So many church members have continued to send in financial gifts via mail, or electronically.  Our church has never been “closed.” We remain open to the Holy Spirit. We remain open to serving the community. We remain open for pastoral care. As the beloved hymn reminds us, “We are the church together.”

During this time apart a COVID-19 committee has been created whose mission has been to stay current in all of the information received by the UCC and the CDC.  Policies and procedures have been drawn up and presented to our Consistory and they have agreed to begin preparation for on-site worship, opening the sanctuary for worship on Sunday, July 5 at 9:00 a.m.

There will be significant changes to how we worship in order to keep each other, our loved ones, and those around us safe. While we expect changes in policy and procedures between now and July 5th, we want to share with you our initial plans.

Caring for Each Other

Our concerns in reopening the church is to keep the church family healthy while keeping social distance.  The following has been approved at the June 4th Consistory Meeting: 

  • Take temperature of members coming into church. The health of the church members is important to all.  Temperatures will be taken prior to entering the church.  Temps of 100.4 or higher will be sent home.  If a member has any recent sickness or cough please stay home and join us online for worship service.
  • You will enter and exit the same door. Our entrance and exit door will be the East door, corner of South Perry Street and High Street. Doors will be open so that people are not touching door handles.  This entrance also has fewer steps. 
  • It is highly suggested to wear a face mask and we can provide you with one if you do not have one.  It is not mandatory that you wear a mask, but we will have designated seating in the back of the church for those that do not wear masks to protect those that do wear masks.



St. Paul’s United Church of Christ

201 N. Perry Street 

St. Marys, Ohio  45885

(419) 394-3811  fax (419) 394-8733

email:  smucc@bright.net       website:  www.stpaulsuccsm.com



  • Encourage people who are sick and immune-compromised to stay at home and worship online. If a member has any recent sickness or cough please stay home and join us online for worship service. If anyone in your household is sick, we are suggesting that the entire household stays home from attending the worship service.
  • We will have hand sanitizer available at the door that you enter and must use when you come in and when you leave. Every person walking in the door will get a squirt of hand sanitizer.
  • We recommended that you sit with your family or with your spouse but, need to maintain 6 foot apart of other members.
  • No Nursery and no quiet bags, please bring something to entertain your children if you feel the need.
  • Restroom will be available. The restroom in the Elevette Room is the only restroom that will be open for use.
  • Balcony, Heritage Hall, Fellowship Hall and the Christian Education Building will not be available. Tape will be blocking entrances that are not accessible.  The reason for these closures is so that we won’t have to sanitize that area.
  • Where you sit the first time when you come to worship service, we are recommending that you    stay in the same space when church is in session. If more chairs are needed for the sanctuary, they will be in the Elevette Room.


  • Other:
  • Hymnals, cushions, Bibles, pencils etc., will be removed from the pews. We suggest that you bring your own Bible to church with you.
  • The Committee and/or other church volunteers will sanitize and clean the sanctuary after the church service.
  • Attendance can be taken thru the worship service video in case of a member having sickness after worship service to contact other members that have sat in the area.
  • Communion:  to be determined
  • Weddings:  to be determined
  • Funerals:  At the present time, committee feels that the church could be used for a Memorial Service at a later date when restrictions have been lifted. 
  • There will be amply signage within the sanctuary and on the East door for entrance and exit.
  • Service for those that do not feel comfortable coming to the worship service will be available for viewing on TSC as it has been in the past.
  • Educating the congregation will be thru FB posts, emails and church mailing (letter) and the newsletter.
  • There will not be singing, children’s chats, choir during the service.  Offering plates will be at the entrance, as we will not be able to pass an offering plate.  Bulletins may or may not be provided. (due to having the projection screen capabilities)
  • The church will only be open on Sunday mornings for worship service. It is not open to other organizations using the church building. Summer worship schedule is worship at 9am.  Committee is proposing that Sunday July 5th be the first Sunday the church is open for worship service.  This is typically a smaller crowd due to the holiday and will give us time to “iron out” anything needed for the following services.
  • As regulations are lifted, our guidelines will be reviewed and modified as well if needed.

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Worshiping on-site is a decision you and your family will need to prayerfully make. Some of you will decide to return to the sanctuary for worship and some of you will choose to remain at home for worship. Either way you choose, God is still speaking among us. The Risen Christ offers us new life and new perspective.  Be well and know that you are loved incredibly.


Grace and Peace,

Ralph Heckler                   Marsha Landers              Luke Leffel                               Rev. Rhonda Hainer

Consistory President       Consistory VP                  Congregation President        Pastor


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